MA in Educational Policy Studies

Boston University’s MA in Educational Policy Studies prepares students with the competencies necessary to conduct rigorous education-focused research, data analysis, and make informed decisions when creating PK-20 education and child policies.  Students in the MA in Educational Policy Studies will be prepared to work within policy-making or research-focused organizations.

Essential Questions

More About Our Program

The Master of Arts in Educational Policy Studies provides you with the skills necessary for success in positions at research firms, think tanks, research foundations, and government research offices. In the classroom, you’ll balance training in research methods with deliberations on the foundations, design, and implementation of educational and child policy. You’ll also gain an understanding of modern research and research methods through both coursework and direct research experiences, and pursue an apprenticeship/internship under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

    Career Outcomes

    • Researcher
    • Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Administrators at Research Firms
    • Administrators at Think Tanks
    • Administrators at Research Foundations
    • Administrators at School Districts
    • Administrators at Government Offices

    Program Requirements

    • Visit the BU Bulletin for information on this program’s academic requirements.

    Program Faculty

    Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Assistant Professor 

    Olivia Chi, Assistant Professor 

    Stephanie Curenton, Associate Professor,  Executive Director, Center of Ecology of Early Development, Program Director for Child & Youth Policy Certificate 

    Joshua Goodman, Associate Professor  

    Nathan Jones, Associate Professor, Program Director for RS Courses

    Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Lecturer, Program Director for MA in Educational Policy Studies

    Marcus Winters, Associate Professor, Department Chair for Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

    Contact Info

    For more information about this program and requirements for admission please contact, Program Director, Dr. Ariel Tichnor-Wagner,

    Next Steps

    BU Wheelock Educator Preparation Programs Licensing Disclosure provides information about BU Wheelock state approved programs and how the educational requirements compare with those in other states. Education students in licensure programs should review this resource and contact with questions.