EdM in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies: Higher Education Administration

Program Facts

  • Spring*, summer, or fall admission
  • Full-time or part-time study
  • 36 total credits
  • Full-time program duration: 1 academic year

Students within our Higher Education Administration concentration of our EdM in Educational Leadership & Policy studies program are guided by a dynamic pedagogical framework which is structured within a broad-based curriculum and customized electives. Our rich curriculum offers students exposure to, exploration in, and experiential opportunities with both historical perspectives and real-time challenges facing colleges and universities.  Students engage in theory-to-practice learning that allows them to meaningfully contribute to their current and future administrative roles.

Our full-time, Boston-campus cohort allows students to complete their degree in an accelerated 1-year degree program and provides a purposeful combination of theory (through coursework) and practice (through assistantships and internships).

*Full-time applicants should apply to begin this program in the fall. Due to the requirements of the full-time program, these students would not be able to start this program in the spring semester.

Our part-time, Boston-campus cohort allows students to work at their own pace, with the average time to degree completion in the range of 2-2.5 years. These full-time professionals bring experiences from a wide array of higher education areas (including student affairs, academic affairs, health and wellness, development, admissions, financial aid, and professional schools) to their coursework and gain the theory to complement their practice.

This rich spectrum of perspectives and students’ practical experiences provides for lively learning environments inside and outside the classroom.

Program Information

Welcome to Higher Education Administration

Curricular Framework & Learning Objectives

Sample Coursework Timeline for Boston-Campus Students

Information about Graduate Assistantships

Contact Info

Program Contact Information: highered@bu.edu
Graduate Admissions Contact Information: whegrad@bu.edu, 617-353-4237

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