EdM in Science Education

Boston University’s Master of Education (EdM) for Science Education is designed for candidates who want to deepen their knowledge and skills as formal or informal science educators. Our curriculum integrates science content and pedagogy to prepare you to be effective teachers and leaders in science education by connecting emerging and experienced teachers with up-to-date science content and innovative pedagogy.

Essential Questions

More About Our Program

Our curriculum integrates science content and pedagogy to prepare you to be an effective teacher and leader in science education. We prepare our graduates for professional responsibilities in designing, teaching, and supervising science programs at the elementary, secondary, and college levels.

This program will prepare you to teach the foundations of sound scientific literacy and scientific ways of thinking that will enable your students to make informed decisions with respect to 21st-century issues such as climate change, energy distribution, personal health, public health, and responsible stewardship of the planet.

Career Outcomes

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Program Requirements

  • Visit the BU Bulletin for information on this program’s academic requirements.

Program Faculty

Donald A. DeRosa, Clinical Associate Professor, Program Director for Science Education, Director of Boston University School of Medicine CityLab and MobileLab

Ellen E. Faszewski, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Clinical Professor

Peter Garik, Clinical Associate Professor

Eve Manz, Assistant Professor

Thomas J. McKenna, Lecturer

Contact Info

For more information about this program and requirements for admission, please contact Program Director, Dr. Donald DeRosa, donder@bu.edu.

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