EdM in Deaf Education


Boston University’s EdM in Deaf Education is one of the only programs in the United States dedicated to theoretical and applied research in Deaf Education from a bilingual/bicultural perspective. We approach teacher training in unique ways, enabling you to take advantage of close partnerships with schools for the Deaf. These partnerships offer authentic learning experiences and valuable fieldwork opportunities in which theory and current research can inform practice.

Our bilingual approach to Deaf Education reflects the notion that all Deaf children should be exposed to American Sign Language (ASL) as a natural and accessible first language; English is acquired as a second language through reading and writing using a range of visual strategies; Deaf people must influence the educational, cultural, and social systems that impact their lives. We strive to lead the way in the promotion of innovative scholarship and high-quality training to ensure that Deaf individuals and their teachers realize their full potentials.

Essential Questions

Department Vision Statement

The Department of Language and Literacy has the following vision statement:

  • We advocate for equitable and just education systems;
  • We strive to disrupt deficit discourses and foster asset-based approaches;
  • We cultivate practices that are based on research, theory, and community cultural knowledge;
  • We embrace multilingualism and multiliteracies; and
  • We engage in research that contributes to the evolving understandings of language and literacy education.

Career Outcomes


Program Requirements

  • Visit the BU Bulletin for information on this program’s academic requirements.

Program Faculty

Andrew R. Bottoms, Lecturer, Program Co-Director for Deaf Studies

Naomi Caselli, Assistant Professor

Todd Czubek, Lecturer

Emily Glenn-Smith, Lecturer

Amy M. Lieberman, Associate Professor, Program Co-Director for Deaf Studies

Franklin Jones, Lecturer

Joshua Mora, Instructor

Contact Info

For more information about this program and requirements for admission please contact, deafstdy@bu.edu.

Next Steps

BU Wheelock Educator Preparation Programs Licensing Disclosure provides information about BU Wheelock state approved programs and how the educational requirements compare with those in other states. Education students in licensure programs should review this resource and contact edlic@bu.edu with questions.

Background Checks

Students who are admitted into BU Wheelock routinely participate in field experiences as a part of their respective program curriculum and requirements. Most field sites require criminal background checks to determine students’ eligibility for participation. History of a criminal background may disqualify students from participating in these required experiences, which in turn may impede the successful completion of one’s degree program