Dual Degree Programs

Boston University offers students interested in individuals with disabilities, and the educational and social work supports for them and their families, dual degree programs through the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development (Wheelock) and the School of Social Work (SSW). You will graduate from the dual degree program with two degrees as indicated below.

  • MSW in Social Work and EdM in Special Education

SEDCLINICThe dual degree programs are designed to give students knowledge and skills across both disciplines. The programs prepare leaders who have a rich understanding of work with families and can also design and administer creative programmatic responses to the changing needs of schools and communities. Graduates of the programs are currently working in a wide variety of positions from early intervention programs to AIDS education to school administration and school social work to WMCA program planning.

You may apply to either school first and then apply to the second school during the first semester of matriculation. You may also apply for simultaneous admission.

The MSW/EdM program usually takes three years.

Wheelock College of Education & Human Development Contact Information

Faculty Contact

Dr. Jennifer Green


Graduate Admissions


School of Social Work Contact Information

Faculty Contact

Dr. Nina Aronoff

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