­Project LINC


Project LINC (Preparing Scholar Leaders to Study Interventions and Complex Systems) is an innovative partnership between Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development and the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education. Admission to Project LINC will provide doctoral scholars with access to resources and expertise at both universities, preparing them to:

  1. Understand interventions in literacy, social and behavioral skills, and transition,
  2. Understand the complex educational systems that support students with disabilities, and
  3. Conduct rigorous research related to these foci.

LINC Scholar Activities

  • Conduct research in collaboration with leading experts in special education and related fields to design, implement, and publish rigorous studies.
  • Participate in LINC Seminars with the cross-site cohort to support scholars in program success.
  • Complete advanced coursework to help them design and conduct rigorous research.
  • Use online learning to acquire knowledge specific to LINC.
  • Complete research internships in LINC-related organizations, including state and local education agencies and local and national organizations that serve students with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with exceptional scholars at both institutions and faculty experts from other institutions.
  • Attend and present at professional conferences.

Project LINC Scholar Benefits

  • Completely paid tuition.
  • Monthly stipend to support full-time work in program (up to 4.5 years).
  • University health insurance (while enrolled).
  • Financial resources for additional travel, internship costs, and other LINC expenses.

Recruitment Weekend

Prospective scholars are invited to a recruitment weekend so that they can learn more about the program, meet with current doctoral scholars, connect with prospective advisers, and hear about faculty research.

Next Steps