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LIBRARYThe Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is a rigorous, full-time course of study. Students in BU Wheelock PhD programs can look forward to working alongside our respected and knowledgeable faculty who are at the forefront of human development and education.

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Doctor of Philosophy Degree Overview

BU Wheelock offers two PhD programs: the PhD in Counseling Psychology and the PhD in Educational Studies. While different in content, both programs offer Boston University’s level of rigorous curriculum and standard of excellence. The PhD programs have a focus on research in the field in order to better understand and apply concepts to real-world problems.

PhD in Educational Studies

The PhD in Educational Studies program will allow students to develop skills and expertise in a core specialty, such as educational policy studies, language and literacy education, math and science education, or special education. Coursework in the educational studies PhD program will be specific to each concentration, allowing students to focus on the subjects that align with their background and interests.

PhD in Counseling Psychology & Applied Human Development

The PhD in Counseling Psychology program offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding in the field of psychology while they hone skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions and learning environments. These skills are grounded in fundamentals of education pedagogy, and graduates will be prepared to teach, train, and supervise future counseling psychologists and researchers.

What Is a Doctor of Philosophy Degree?

A PhD is a high-level graduate degree that prepares students to become industry leaders or hold research positions at the university level. Wheelock PhD students work with both a theoretical and conceptual framework. As part of the Boston University PhD education, students will complete a dissertation or research project, which will have them developing and exploring a research topic in their subject area.

What Can You Do with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree?

Career opportunities are vast for BU Wheelock PhD students. Depending on which program you enroll in, your career options will vary. For example, students who complete their PhD in Counseling Psychology may become clinical psychologists, mental health counselors, researchers in psychology, or psychology professors.

Those who graduate with a PhD in Educational Studies, on the other hand, may find employment as research-active faculty at R-1 institutions or leaders in other educational institutions and organizations.

Is a BU Wheelock College of Education PhD Worth It?

If your goals are to advance your education, move forward in your career, and make an impact in your industry, then a PhD from BU Wheelock is more than worth it. Our PhD programs prepare students to lead and drive innovation through research, scholarship, and professional development.

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