About Us

Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is a top-ranked college that focuses on cross-disciplinary research, experiential learning, and community engagement. We seek to empower our students, faculty, and staff to reshape the systems that impact learning and human development, more firmly centering them in justice, diversity, and belonging.

When you join BU Wheelock, you are joining a community of faculty, students, partners, and thousands of alumni worldwide, all dedicated to transforming systems that impact learning and human development for a thriving, sustainable, and just world.

A leading school of education and human development, we are united in our commitment to ensuring that our students and graduates have the skills, knowledge, and experiences to sustain purposeful and satisfying careers. This commitment includes:

  • Supporting the academic success of our undergraduate and graduate students
  • Building a faculty with unparalleled research, teaching, and clinical expertise
  • Forming meaningful partnerships with communities and organizations who share in our desire to best serve people of all ages and backgrounds

Established in 2018 when Wheelock College merged with Boston University, BU Wheelock today builds on the legacy of excellence of both institutions. Our academic programs and research are innovative and rigorous. Our graduates are leaders in their fields, whether they are educators, administrators, policymakers, or researchers—at BU, in Boston, and beyond.

Excellence and inclusion in teaching and learning, professional development, research, and community partnerships—these are the hallmarks of BU Wheelock. As a student and a graduate, you’ll be part of an ever-growing family of education and human development professionals prepared to take on the challenges young people, families, and communities face every day. Learn more about how to join us today!

About Lucy Wheelock

Lucy Wheelock founded Miss Wheelock’s Training School, which later became Wheelock College, in 1888. A visionary for early childhood education, she was inspired by the then-radical German kindergarten movement and how it might serve communities of immigrant families. BU Wheelock carries Lucy’s name proudly, as the first college at Boston University to be named after a woman.