2020 Child Life Graduates Hold “Non-Pinning Ceremony” Celebration

This past week, soon-to-be graduates of our Child Life & Family-Centered Care graduate program joined faculty in a virtual celebration marking the end of their studies at BU Wheelock.

The students, who have completed the program in a “4+1” model that links their undergraduate and master’s studies, typically attend an in-person pinning before graduating. This year, students and faculty adapted that ceremony into a virtual gathering.

The gathering’s centerpiece was an original composition recorded by student Meghan Rubadou, who set the BU Wheelock Child Life Pledge to music. Another student, Casey Johnston, contributed an original dance performance to the music video.

Child Life students also composed a “Thank You” to program faculty. Student Madeleine Yeager read the note as part of their celebration. And, before the gathering concluded, student host Bridget Miranda snapped this screenshot: