Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

GRS EN 726: Seventeenth-Century Women Writers
GRS EN 774: Lecture-Performances, Poetic Essays, and other Generic Monsters
GRS HI 802: Graduate Topics in History
GRS PH 636: Gender, Race, and Science
GRS RN 754: Sexuality and Religion in the U.S.
GRS SO 770: Topics in Sociology

College of Communications

COM FT 721: LGBT Representation
COM FT 721: Gender and Horror
COM FT 721: Women and Film

Law School

JD 731: Critical Race Theory
JD 787: Crime and Punishment: Philosophical Perspectives
JD 966: Gender, Law and Policy Colloquium
JD 829: Domestic Violence
JD 814: Family Law
JD 834: Employment Discrimination and Employment Law
JD 947: Sex Crimes
JD 957: Law and Sexual Minorities
JD 990: Feminist Jurisprudence

School of Public Health

SPH EP 775: Social Epidemiology
SPH GH 735: Gender, Sexuality, Power, and Inequity in Global Health
SPH GH 753 (2cr): Beyond Reproductive Health; International Women’s Health
SPH GH 766: Sexual and Reproductive Health in Disaster Settings
SPH GH 795: Global AIDS Epidemic: Social & Economic Determinants, Impact, & Responses
SPH MC 705: Safer Sex in the City: From Science to Policy
SPH MC 785 (2 cr): Introduction to Reproductive Health Advocacy
SPH MC 815: Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy: Science, Values, and Politics
SPH MC 840: Women and Health Policy: Gender, Evidence, and Politics
SPH SB 807: Health of LGBT Populations