1. GRS WGS 801: Theories and Methods in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, taught every Spring.

  2. 1 Interdisciplinary Course: These are team-taught courses offered by the Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies at MIT.
  3. 2 additional WGS-Concerned Courses. Please see the course list for the most up-to-date list. Please email the DGS, Marie McDonough (msmcd@bu.edu) if you think a course in your program would apply but is not listed.
  4. 1 Pedagogical Workshop:
    Certificate candidates must participate at least once in an annual pedagogical workshop to be organized by the Director of Graduate Studies. This workshop will supplement the pedagogical training graduate students receive in their home departments by focusing on the specific challenges and opportunities graduate students face when incorporating gender analysis into their teaching.

Requirements are slightly different for BU Law students, please see the requirements list for BU Law Students for more details.