COVID-19 and Parenting

How to Talk with your Children about COVID-19

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Today’s topic is parenting, which as most parents already know, can be tough enough under normal circumstances.  We’re starting with the basics today – How to talk with your children about COVID-19.

Keep Yourself Calm

Children pick up on the emotions of those around them.  As difficult as it may be, try to find ways to manage your own emotions so that you can project a sense of calm onto your child.

Keep it Simple and Stick to Age-Appropriate Facts

There is no need to tell children that they won’t get COVID-19 because we can’t guarantee that.  Instead, stick to the facts from sources like the CDC, which suggest that most children won’t get very sick and that most people experience flu-like symptoms.

Keep the Conversation Ongoing and Correct Misinformation

Your children are likely to pick up misinformation from friends or social media about COVID-19.  Keep the conversation ongoing so you can correct any falsehoods and continue to reassure them.

Say No to Xenophobia

Speaking of misinformation, make sure your children understand that viruses can affect anyone regardless of their race or ethnicity and that no one is at fault, despite where the virus may have originated from.

Empower your Children with Tools to Stay Healthy

Just like adults, children can feel more distressed if they feel helpless.  Arm your children with information about how to protect themselves such as proper hand washing, eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep.


From BU Employee Wellness newsletter 3/25/2020