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Philosophy of Law

Below please find the schedule for contributed papers in this section. If you have accessed the Congress Web Site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or a similar program, it is possible to search for a name or paper title using the find function under the heading edit. Otherwise, you must browse through the page below in order to locate your name and paper title.

Monday, August 10, 12-13:50


Title of Paper

Ana Julia Bozo de Carmona Toward a Postmodern Theory of Law
Willard F. Entemann Judge Posner's Challenge to the Philosophy of Law
Alexander Fesenko Hegel and the Russian Constitutional Tradition
Salina Sorina Logic and Law in Russian and Western Culture
Peter W. Wenz Dworkin's Wishful-Thinkers Constitution

Monday, August 10, 14-15:50


Title of Paper

Michael P. Anderheiden Justification by Reflective Equilibrium in Rawl's More Recent Work
Nicolas K. Angelis Axiologie et Pedagogie Du Droit
Frederic R. Kellogg The Relation of Rights to the Real: A Reconsideration of Bentham's Ontology
J. S. Russell Trial by Slogan: Natural Law and "Lex Iniusta Non est Lex"
Hans Joerg Sandkuehler Pluralismus und die Universalitaet des Rechts
Barbara Wendling A Philosophical Perspective on the Regulation of Business

Monday, August 10, 18-19:50


Title of Paper

Emmanuel Q. Fernando Universilizability and Philippine Jurisprudence
Norman Fischer The Moral Core of U.S. Constitutional Bans on Hate Speech Codes
Ghita Holmstrom-Hintikka Inadmissible Evidence
Guy Lafrance L'Identite culturelle et les exigences universelles du droit
Mark Strasser Natural Law, Same-Sex Marriage, and Domestic Relations Jurisprudence
Julie Van Camp How Ontology Saved Free Speech in Cyberspace

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