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Philosophy of Economics

Below please find the schedule for contributed papers in this section. If you have accessed the Congress Web Site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or a similar program, it is possible to search for a name or paper title using the find function under the heading edit. Otherwise, you must browse through the page below in order to locate your name and paper title.

Monday, August 10, 12-13:50


Title of Paper

Donald W. Bruckner Praiseworthy and Blameworthy Preferences
Ruth Hagengruber Utility and Universality versus Utility and the General Good
Berta Stolior Economics, Ethic and Method
Bui Van Dung A Philosophical View of Growth and Development
Kari Vayrynen The Problem of the Ethical Fundaments of Environmental Economy

Monday, August 10, 14-15:50


Title of Paper

Piotr Boltuc Emergent Properties of Choice
Thomas A. Boylan and Paschal F. O'Gorman The Duhem-Quine Thesis in Economics: A Reinterpretation
Elena Chirkova and Edward Kalinin
Philosophical Concepts of Rationality and Foundations of Economic Theory
Vladimir Dvornikov On 'Iron Laws' of Economics
John McMurtry The Economics of Life and Death

Monday, August 10, 18-19:50


Title of Paper

Chrisoula Andreou In Defense of Marx's Account of the Nature of Capitalist Exploitation
Allama Khwaja M.A. Haye Socio-Economic Humanism
Donald C. Hodges Why Post-Marxism? Marx's Mistaken Premises Concerning the Labor Process
John Orlando The Fourth Wave: Worker Displacement and Corporate Responsibility
Alla Sheptun Philosophy of Money

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