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Philosophy in Africa

Below please find the schedule for contributed papers in this section. If you have accessed the Congress Web Site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or a similar program, it is possible to search for a name or paper title using the find function under the heading edit. Otherwise, you must browse through the page below in order to locate your name and paper title.

Saturday, August 15, 12-13:50


Title of Paper

Innocent I. Asouzu Science and African Metaphysics: A Search for Direction
Zekeh S. Gbotokuma Polygyny in Africa: A Male's Post-Original Sin or Rejection of the Primeval Monogyny and Affirmation of Sexual Inequality
Anke Graness Das Projekt einer globalen Ethik und die afrikanische Philosophie
Dirk Louw Ubuntu: An African Assessment of The Religious Other
R.J. Njoroge Methodological Issues in the Philosophy of Education with Special Reference to Education in Africa
Claude Sumner From Africa and Back

Saturday, August 15, 14-15:50


Title of Paper

Anju Aggarwal Amilcar Cabral: Philosophy and Justifications
Tedros Kiros The Meditations of Tara Yaquob: A 17th Century Ethiopian Philosopher
M.Akin Makinde Whither Philosophy in Africa?
Gail M. Presbey Who Counts as a Sage? Problems in the Further Implementation of Sage Philosophy
Ogbo L. Ugwuanyi Wiredu's Programme Conceptual Decolonisation
Chris O. Uroh Emergent Traditions in African Philosophy

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