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Other Applied Ethics

Below please find the schedule for contributed papers in this section. If you have accessed the Congress Web Site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or a similar program, it is possible to search for a name or paper title using the find function under the heading edit. Otherwise, you must browse through the page below in order to locate your name and paper title.

Monday, August 10, 12-13:50


Title of Paper

Dan Egonsson The Importance of Being Human
John Hoaglund Manipulation as an Ethical Theory
Carlos W. Kohn Antinomias de la Democracia Liberal
Louis Logister In Search of a Methodological Foundation for Applied Ethics
Frits Schipper Rethinking Efficiency

Monday, August 10, 14-15:50


Title of Paper

Fahmina Ahmed Morality of Population Control of Bangladesh
Keith Dowling The Immorality of the Rapist
John Orolins Surrogacy: Exploitations or Violation of Intimacy?
Walter Pfannkuche Gibt es ein Recht auf Arbeit?
Roy C. Weatherford A Non-Pacifist Argument Against Capital Punishment

Monday, August 10, 18-19:50


Title of Paper

William W. Clohesy Untimely Thoughts in the Public Market
David Crocker International Development Ethics
Frank K. Fair Trading Lives: Consequentialism, Deontology, and Inevitable Trade-Offs
Christopher B. Gray Paideia, Schole and Paidia: Then and Now
Juan Maria Parent Jacquemin An Ethics for the University

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