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Human Rights

Below please find the schedule for contributed papers in this section. If you have accessed the Congress Web Site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or a similar program, it is possible to search for a name or paper title using the find function under the heading edit. Otherwise, you must browse through the page below in order to locate your name and paper title.

Tuesday, August 11, 14-15:50


Title of Paper

Vasil Gluchman Humanity and Moral Rights
Elizabeth A. Linehan Executing the Innocent
Alan S. Rosenbaum Philosophical Reflections on Genocide and the Claim About the Uniqueness of the Holocaust
Rekha Singh Status of Women in Indian Society
Eleanor Winthrop Children Are Not Property

Tuesday, August 11, 18-19:50


Title of Paper

Bernard den Ouden Sustainable Development, Human Rights, and Postmodernism
Patrick Hayden Rorty's Sentimental Education and the Question of Human Rights
Arthur H. Prince Hocking's Critique of Certain Ways of Thinking About Rights
Vardan Torosian Humanism: Dangerous Illusion, Desperate Faith, or Duty of Time?
Laura Westra Institutionalized Environmental Violence and Human Rights

Tuesday, August 11, 20-21:50


Title of Paper

Vicente Barretto Les Fondements Ethiques des Droits de l'Homme
Jay Drydyk Globalization and Multi-Cultural Knowledge of Human Rights
Ruth Miller Lucier Inalienable Rights: A Plea for Open Options
Antonio Perez-Estevez Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights: A Latinamerican Reading of Rawls' "The Law of Peoples"
Morton Winston On the Indivisibility and Interdependence of Human Rights

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