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Please note that the official policy of the American Organizing Committee, Inc. states that only registered participants will be published. If there is any question about your registration status, please contact the American Organizing Committee, Inc. as soon as possible. Furthermore, all authors must provide an electronic copy of their paper in order to be published on-line. Please send electronic copy on a 3.5 diskette in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format to the AOC office. Finally, every author must sign and return a Publication License Agreement. If you have not yet done so, please sign and return a copy to our office immediately. You may download a copy of the Publication License Agreement here.

The Invited Lectures will be published in the twelve-volume Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy. Volume I: Ethics is scheduled to appear in May, 1999. Check out the master index for all twelve volumes of the Proceedings for more information.

Please contact the Philosophy Documentation Center if you would like to pre-order the Proceedings.

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