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Two in the Face of the Third

Vladimir Rogozhin

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Instead of invariable mind, taking commands from invariable nature by invariable principles, we would like to find variable cognitive relations between a variable man and variable nature. — St. Tulmin

We use to say: mankind is going through a critical and turning-point of its way. The core of this way is danger of the world's and man's annihilation. Prognosis is considered to be foresight and prediction. However, we need to perceive this critical point, which is a turning-point of mankind in space-time, in order to make predictions for 30-50 years, i.e. we need "to go through and experience" it intelligently, and then we are able to model the whole way (1) "of variable cognitive relationships between a variable human being and variable nature" (2) , the way of consciousness. (3) It is necessary for us simply to find out "maximum waves" which can be the real "ninth wave", making turning-point in the continuous motion of genus Homo in space-time. Perhaps, we shall understand then that a "visible" world and the point we are speaking about are likely to be the same.

I remember my "little country" - my childhood. We, four brothers, played a war "fighting to the death". And our only sister played with the dolls..."Boys play a war..." Is not a war an eternal imprecation of "Homo sapiens sapiens"? Where does such "a seizure by a grasp" come from? (4) May be we don't want to look for "new senses" at all? (5) And if there are some "other senses" (5) what do they look like? May be, they are like those which are released for us in the life and book of the blind-and-deaf Doctor of Psychology Alexander Suvorov? (6)

In the researchment of "co-existence" of this "fractional, fractional world" and of in-di-viduals, "her" and "his", their inter-position, inter-comprehension, inter-finding, inter-conditionality, inter-action, inter-distinguishing, inter-correlation, when non-spatial "conception cannot pretend to seize the subject of the social dynamics yet" (Liotard), both methods are used: a) the method of philosophical modeling (7) of the complex system of the highest order-consciousness, intentional analysis (8) and b)the method of interpretation and comprehension of symbols and cultural phenomena, (56) understanding of everything what "has a meaning" (57) in the dynamics of triune space-time: of space-sense, space-spirit and space-matter, in which "time is a coordinator of events", (9) "a form and measure of motion of moving space", (10) and space is "the factor of the object parts' co-existence". (9) Modeling "consciousness way" is carried out by logical grasp, by the "combination and unification " of "moduses of consciousness" "under the ray of the ultimate sense" (11) "up to the most remote sense-distinguishing depths". (12)

1. The first "philosophical modellers" of consciousness were poets and writers. "There are two "Ego" , two poles of the planet inside me",- a poet said.(Model-1). The "poles of sense", "bidominatoin" of consciousness are described in this model as the process of its "centring on the internal world of a subject" and "an eagerness to come out of the limits of the given existence, an orientation for the external integrity". (13) F. Dostoevsky spoke about "the circles of consciousness" (Model-2). A. Bely said: "Personal "Ego" is a fiction because "Ego" in reality is supra-personal; it is an organizing power not of one consciousness but of the whole consciousness circle, where individual "co-" of individual consciousness are only the points of a new figure, resulting their organization; the circle of these "co-" is the understanding of the central "co-", volitional and creative understanding, it is the "self": our self-consciousness...". (14) (Model-3). A. Vvedensky has "modeled" consciousness in space-time in the following way: "Consciousness of our being within the reach only of a moment is the perpendicular, falling down the line of our spatial motion." (Model-4). M.Mamardashvili represented consciousness as a certain "luminous point", "a center of the perspective". Zh. P. Sartre - as "a hole in the being", "vivifying emptiness". (15)

2. P. Tayar de Chardin, - pointing the triune characteristics of consciousness: "1) to concentrate everything in parts around yourself, 2) much more concentrating inside, 3) by this overconcentration of joining all other centers surrounding it...", - gives the following program of philosophical modeling: "Matter and spirit come forward not as "objects...", "natures...", but as simple, binding together variable quantities, which are necessary for to find out not a secret essence but a functional curve from space-time. At this level of reflection "consciousness" is presented and is to be considered not as a kind of present essence but as an "effect", as a specific affinity of complexity". (16) (Model-5).

P.S. Laplas defines the sense "motion formula" for method of the philosophical modelling in the following way: " Mind which would know for a certain moment all the powers animating nature, and relative position of all its components, if this Mind was proved to be sufficiently extensive to make these data to be analyzed and to unify them in the motion formula of the greatest bodies of the universe together with the motion of the lightest atoms, then there would be nothing not authentic for it, and the future as well as the past would come out in its sight" . (17) B. Spinoza gives an idea of sense intention: "If we want to investigate the very first existent thing there necessarily should be some reason which must direct our thoughts, since the method is a reflective cognition as it is, so the reason, which is to direct our thoughts, can bnoneother than the cognition of what forms the truth and intelligence with its characteristics and powers". (18)

Protagoras of Abdera asserts the sense measure: "Man is a measure of all things." R. Descartes defines sense self-measurement: "I think, therefore I am". "Ego" according to Descartes is an ultimate essence: "I have for some extent more primary perception of the infinity than of the ultimate, in other words, my perception of God is more primary than perception of myself". (18) "Ego" in space - as a "point" as well as a "point-line", as well as a "space" - is an equilateral triangle. Ego, cogitans, monad and triad. My consciousness, painting a "point-line" is an "alive arrow" of senses - the consciousness vector (Model-6). The consciousness vector (Intentio) is the "universal measure", the "element of thinking", the "effect", a psycho-intellectual energy potential from the "energy-information" paradigm point of view, (16, 19, 58) the "idea-norm", the "basic model" (20) of the complexly organized system of the highest sphere, of a single observer and participator of eternal motion of spirit and matter, an "operator of senses", (21) sense-attractor, drawing closer senses of the world and of the human being, discovering their "co-statement" in space-time.

3.M. Sterenberg, investigating the problem of biological evolution on the base of scientific-religious approach, represents spirit and matter as the following:"...Matter plan of life is a projection of Spirit through soul plan on to matter". (22) (Model-7).

According to P.Tayar0 de Chardin and K. Yaspers it is necessary to search for senses "critical points" in the course of evolution. They point to the common character of sources and aims, sense discretness of time and its directedness ("Omega point", "axis time"), besides they determines sense time-limits (horizontal) for philosophical modeling: "Mankind has common sources and a single aim. These sources and the aim are not known for us, in any case, like an authentic knowledge they are recognizable in a shimmering of multivalued symbols only. Our existence is limited by them. In philosophical interpretation we try to get closer to the both - the sources and the aim". (16, 23) Holy Books determines the sacred limits of modeling the reality, which are considered as upper and lower sense limits of complexity (vertical).

4. World religions, ancient culture teachings (54) have some symbols which can be a key to reveal the code of space-time, the "geometry" of spirit, matter and consciousness: the Cross, the reality of the Trinity, an Eight-ending Star relating, as A. Dugin says , to "...a secret of time, more exactly to a secret of cycle since some sacred traditions consider time to be exceptionally cycling, spiral". (Model-8). And then the sacred sense of number eight is followed: "Number eight, being between the lowest multitude and the highest Trinity, is an angle, fiery, awful and merciful cosmos ("a fiery stove"), concealing and revealing at the same time the last mysteries of Divinity". (24) (Model-9). A special space-time sense of number eight can be found in all the world religions.

5. The Model of "general order of things", philosophical model and the world's picture. The principle of modeling: "tell me what is your cosmos (the Universe) and I'll say who you are". (25) The beginning comes from the Creator: "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the First and the Last". "The sources of the beginning is the other side of the end. That is the reason why the explanation of death and birth is possible". (55) "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without him nothing came to being that came to being. There was life in Him; and the life was the light of humans". (35) "Word" (a synonym is "number") is the beginning of existent", "the great unity which is single", "primary pneuma - tsi", (54) "pressured, still concealed senses of the World - semantic continuum" , (26) senses-traces (a way) of "another", pre-ceding Universe, Consciousness of our World, of the Universum, space-sense (potential reality). The first incentive of "vivifying spirit", "wandering", the wave - from the Creator, the incognitive Absolute, from (+) the Eternity, "unpacking" of senses, "coming" of God. Spirit is a vertical, it is a flow of continuous matter of the first kind (apeuron, vortical ether, according to M. Klevtsov), (27) "immetrical vacuum", (28) "torsion bar field", (29, 30) "emptiness" and "darkness of the Eternal (as the light completeness)", "divine darkness", (54) (space-spirit, wave reality). "Alpha" of the Universe, the beginning, "creation of the world", "turning into the contrary" (1) - "birth of light", horizontal, discrete, with a variety of directions, (31) infinitely closed, hierarchical, altering in space-time of the second kind matter. The curved space-time and changing laws of physics. Synthesis of classical and non-classical conceptions of matter evolution. (31) "The Cross of the Universe". (32) (Model-10). The model of "the order of things". (Model-11). The philosophical model of the world-enneagram, (54) as "formula and symbol of justice", (59) which integrates the symbol of the triune world and of man, their "three hypostasises". (Model-12).Triune space-time, triune reality. Three triads: a) space, time, space-time; b) space-sense (potential reality), space-spirit(becoming reality, wave reality), space-matter ( actual reality, corpuscular reality); c) "inner time (a qualitative side of motion)", "outer time (quantitative side of motion)" , (10) time-rhythm ("from number to number and number in itself"). (10) Waves of Sense, Spirit, Matter. "The ninth wave' of Consciousness. Space of the Beauty, Goodness and Truth (ontology, aksiology, gnosiology). Philosophical pictures of the world: "a big living organism" - "big clock" - "thinking brain" (33) - "ribbon" of Mebius, (10) "ensemble" and the music of the Universes. (Model-14).

The table of fundamental grounds of triune space-time is a square "3 x 3", the square of "a beautiful horse", the square of Lo Shu" , (54) the square of Existent. The first horizontal is the matter space of the first kind (space-spirit): a wave, a vortex, an enthropy-turn (time-love-space). The second horizontal is a space-sense: being-nothingness, the verge of the facts of existence, (64) the vector of consciousness-senses "alive arrow". The second kind matter space is a corposculum-substance, an energy, an information.

6. Overcoming of "language captivity". (34) The very motion of "the vector of consciousness" in space-time sets a program, determines the structure of "process-orientated" (34) language, describing the becoming reality in its potentiality and non-manifestation. Words, concepts and categories produce chains in the construction base of which lies the principle "...-and...-and...". The guarantee protects from 'language captivity" are the line-wave of all points of intersection of sense streams, cognitive laws of nature and sacred Tradition.

7. About "Love Law". "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female, he created them." "Then the man will leave his father and mother and will remain unified with his wife, and the two will be one flesh". (35) Biologists have formulated "Love Law" as following: "that one who must be born have the right to choose". (36) This is the main law in the hierarchy of Love Laws (The Law of Earthly Love). "Two in the face of the third", who has not been born yet, - this is the thirst of life ("revealing of the secret"), searching for sense of life, eagerness to superlife. In space-matter the core is expressed in the "principle of universal cohesion, which is both the cohesion of dividing the whole into parts and that one of synthesis of parts into the whole". (10) The greatest Law is love to God. Man and his consciousness are monade and triade: Ch=Cf+Cm, where Cf is "her" consciousness, Cf is "his" one. Vector Ch is consciousness of the One, Who is to be born, consciousness of the "integral" (not of the half) Man. The Consciousness vector of the quasi-open system "Human genus" is all-embracing consciousness, the consciousness of "collective subject of cognition", (37) "the dominative setting of consciousness", (8) "an integrate sense intention" which is the resulting of vectors of autonomous subsystems "he" and "she". (Model-15).

8. By modeling consciousness in space-time, I comprehend, "experience and co-experience" (61) in my consciousness all the way of my ancestors for 3 million years..."Triangle (conus) of consciousness" of Tayar (16) (Model-16) rotates proportionally in three-measured sense space-time around the sense "arrow of time" at a speed of the earth's rotation. The development of the system carries out under the influence of external and internal factors. The line which is "drawn " by the Vector of Consciousness are exponents (38, 55) according to the cycle phases.

Modeling by the scheme: "the present-the past", "the present-the future", (54) which "makes the present to be temporal". (39)

Three large evolutionary cycles of Consciousness (the way of "light lump" of consciousness in space-time) in the course of cosmo-anthropo-socio-natural genesis" (40) of Homo Genus. The first cycle is Homo australis (from Greek "Homos" - equal, reciprocal, common and from Latin "australis" - southern) - "Homo habilis" ("human able"). (41, 35) The first coming out of the verge, the first experience, the first "seizure" from "the tree of knowledge", the first "Fall". The first tool and the first arms, the first deepest (in the sense and in space-time) bench-mark, the "breach of the primary identity of microcosm and macrocosm". (42) Pre-Acheulian technological revolution. The closeness of groups of "Homo habilis". A selfish behavior. "His" domination. Harem groups. (41) "Erotics-death". (43) Biopsychiatric, information and sense crisis. The second sense maximum (low) point. The first Tabu (moral interdictions) as "an obstacle for variation the sense stream". The lower paleolithic revolution as the first sense ("semantical" - a regrouping of senses), spiritual (moral), negentropious (biological), collectivistical (social), sexual (hendernous) revolution. The first leap, upheaval, reverse, "re-codification", "conversion", "the ninth wave" of Consciousness about 16 mln. years ago. The break of the first "circle of consciousness". The leap in all directions of "consciousness settings". (8) The "human able" is becoming "another" human being-"Homo erectus" (walking upright). It is another vision of the world. A new quality appears-a foreman of Space. The first phase of the second cycle- is the phase of the corporate interaction. The development and stabilization of system. Consciousness unifies with Nature and Cosmos. This is the phase of "the second cosmic consciousness". The conception of a single language, altruistic behavior, morality. The new levels of abstract thinking, technology complexity. (55) "She" is dominating, "she" is the legislator and educator. It is she, who introduces the First Law of Love. Consciousness is "growing" to the exponent, sliding along the line of joint of space-spirit and space-sense. The second "wave" of displacement in different parts of the Earth. The third sense maximum (the highest) point - "seizure", "stealing" and "taming", of fire-700 thousand years ago. This is the era of information and energy stream into the system. A crisis in morality, "the second Fall". "Effect of Prometheus", "enchantment by fire", a new tool and arms, which indicate the beginning of inversion, "re-codification" of Consciousness. Acheulian technological revolution. (55) Leaving for the Country of Time. "Closing" the system. The second phase of the second cycle is the phase of the system differentiation, the epoch of "the big Neanderthales". The fore-community of paleonthrop is divided into much more little groups, going to caves. The break of consciousness line. (55) The birth of totemism, fetishism, magic, animism. Self-consciousness is at the level of a group. Inbriding, "Endogamous (powerful) interdictions". (43) Cannibalism. "Eating Totem". "He" is dominating. Biopsychical, information and sense crisis. "Erotics is death". (43) The second "biological deadlock" in the Labyrinth of life. "Hell of anthropogenus". "Grasp" of space- time. The second Tabu. The forth sense maximum (the lowest) point is at about 40 thousand years ago. "Gestalt-revolution", consciousness reverso, "neurotical rebellion against own biological nature", "switching off the energy", overcoming the nature of your own, (43) creating an "outburst", effect of "cohesion of consciousness'", "meeting of different temporal worlds" (44) "...Having got in the field of the certain attractor, the system is drawing to the marked structure to have a more stable state". (45) The break of the second "circle of consciousness", "the ninth wave" of Consciousness, passing into the "new suprabiological quality". (43) "The break" of the sense "arrow of time". The second "great delicate revolution as the second sense ("semantic"), spiritual (moral), neganthropian (biological), collectivistical (social), sexual (hender), technological revolution. The second big migration wave over the vast Earth.. I. Kasavin says: "A real migration of the human population started an evolutionary mechanism, resulting in appearance of Cro-Magnon Man...", "the migration determines the structure of the special cognitive setting connected with perpetual striving for the reach out of the bounds of the datum". (46) A homogeneous social structure is a dual mother genus. "The birth" of "Homo Sapiens". Consciousness is sliding again on the verge of joint of space-spirit and space-sense. The second Love Law, the birth of the Main Law. Triune Totems of Freedom. "She" is a legislator again. Stabilization of the system. The phase of cooperative interaction, the phase of "understanding". A common house of mankind - the Oykos. The third cosmic consciousness. Equilibrium of socium with the natural eco-environment as with an object of labor . (55) The equilibrium inside of socium and between different sociums. "Prestige economy". The language of external speech, inseparable labor, animalistical mythology, morality, a variety of primitive beliefs, sacred visual arts. Life in Space, a man of the Space (of the inner time)sacred, "a sacred man", (40) "a moral creature". (43) The second meeting of "her" and "his", of Nature and Cosmos. It has been for about 30 thousand years...

God gave man some gift - a horse. Man saddled the horse and became very proud. The third "seizure" and overthrowing of the Main Totem of Freedom. The next crisis of morality. "The third Fall", the third "cosmological catastrophe", "break-away from the Absolute". "Playstocene is a holocene demographical outburst". (55) An influx of information and energy into the system - "marlboro effect". The "neolitical", sense, spiritual; technological, individualistic, sexual revolution. The fifth sense maximum (the highest) point. This is a new "break" of time, inversion of Consciousness sliding along the verge of joint space-matter and space-sense. "Eminence over environment", "another" vision of yourself and the world. Contraction of space-time. Quasi-openness of the system and sub-systems. Genus Homo is in the shade of a "big Neanderthales", which defines a way "following the old tracks". A new phase of the system - sense, spiritual, matter (technological), social - differentiation. This is the phase of "ego-consciouness", the phase of "reflection". Desintegration of a single stream of Consciousness. The stages are "antropical", "social", "corporeal". (36) The civilizations, different "temporal worlds". Passing from the "initial mother's genus (totem)" to the "father's", founded not on morality but on "domination of primitive forms of ownership". (39) "Seizure by grasps", the beginning of the "seizure of the world". (4) The first prey was a woman from an "alien clan". (43) "Eating" Totem. Totem of captivity. Demographical waves of the egophase. Babel overcrowdness. Races, natures, religions. Racing for energy from the Country of Freedom to the Country of Necessity, "reign of a throat of cast iron and a fist of one pood". (47) "He" is dominating, ignoring the laws of love, and seizes a spiritual, information, legal, legislative and executive power. It has been for 10 thousand years. "The development marked by minus". The ignoring of Nature. Violation, wars, struggle for power. The construction of "death civilization". The cult of money and power. "Man of Pleasure". The life in Time, man of Time (external time), man of Quantity, "man of pleasure". "Turning of time", "axis time". (23) Technological, demographical (little), civilized waves, social revolutions, wars. A separable community. The completion of the process of individual self-consciousness (55) -an internal speech and written language, etiquette, law, politics, secular visual Arts, theatre, science, satire, humor, hard drinking, drugs, terrorism. The completion of the third big evolutionary cycle of Genus Homo' Consciousness. The third total biopsychical, sense crisis. God's "leaving, "abandoned" and "forsaken" man. Reserve of Homo genus, "opening for the future is lost". The only "broken man", having ignored "conditions of The Forbidden line" , (48) is able to make the Earth go to the non-existence.

"The ninth wave" is a big evolutionary wave of Consciousness. The vector of Consciousness continues its way along the verge of joint space-matter and space-sense to the sixth sense maximum (the lowest) point, which is the "disruption of time", "the end of the history of madness". (49)

"He" has already tired of power. And a horse has been tired of a rider..."What kind of disruptions and upheavals are necessary to be between things and signs, bodies and desires, power and codes to mollify terror burden up to have a possibility of the new perspectives of freedom? And this occurs at the time when care for daily bread is dominating, when the total destruction of life makes beings to fight violently for survival and existence, when the sense of stability, security and protection undergo such a crushing defeat, that other problems, the problem of women's freedom for instance, seem to simply disappear in a collective social perturbation... And precisely that is why the question of women culture is to be articulated and put into the focus of mechanism being responsible for assembling of the coming sociality which has not cast into a rigid figurativeness yet. This is the point of view of the optimism". (50) A humorous attitude to life as "readiness for the "timeless" transformation of the sense of happening". (51) Another one is going from the range of global cycles of Consciousness to an end. But an eternal "sliding along the verge of gulf-disruption toward something absolutely new and unprecedented" (53) has been over yet.

9. "Having slightly raised the reality cover, sliding along a thin verge of its turning to reality, along the verge of definite senses", (51) "having experienced the past once again" (5), having felt a "necessity to unify, to have something to be surrounded in the dreary abandonment, in the groundless existence, an ingenuous necessity to have "somebody other", "she" makes the third "great delicate upheaval", the break through the third "consciousness circle", the break into "Transcedence", "to try to see and understand this immense building of humanity creation inside herself". (51) "There are some events which, in any case, cannot be unfolded in the plan of a single consciousness, but they are supposed to be two consciousness' which never interflow. The essential and constitutive feature of these events is an attitude of one consciousness to another one, and all creatively productive events have such features: bearing something new they are unique and irreversible." (52) "A cautious scenario", (62) ("a delicate way") of "passing" the sixth maximum point, "sense limit" on the way of cognition, the point of trifucation (of the three ways: life, death and existence): a) "dissemination" of ownership and power, and the stucturisation of the system at the new levels, national self-consciousness, self-identification, "unity of all nations"; b) "revolution" in the hierarchy of power: the first is spiritual, the second is information (public), the third is legal, the forth is legislative, the fifth is executive, responsibility and power division within the system "he"-"she", "Vetche of Silence" ("the truth is beyond words" (45) ); c) the Third Tabu, "the system of new Tabus", (48) the Third Law of Love - the Law of Unity: "Unity is in variety. Variety is in Unity"; d) "a little Country of Childhood", the birth of "totally different" (53) man - "a triple unity of man of Sense, Spirit and Matter", the third Man of Space; e) "another" world view, "another" culture, "another order", (63) "other senses", "other symbols", "another" philosophy - space and "synchronous" philosophy, "another" logic - the logic of the Unity, "triune" logic of the Unity", (59) of the concealed world, truly-existent, or the world of primary Freedom". "Instead of the notion which has one meaning a polysemantic symbol appears"; (45) f) the third meeting of "he" and "she", of Nature and the Universe. "Human broadens his sense grounds and continues himself in the existence of other people, in the world of "another" culture"; (13) g) Penitence. The returning of God. The returning of Kings and Queens. The returning to the Earth. Eva "finds" herself and her lost Thread of Sense, Spirit and Life ("Eva's line").

The line ("a quality thread") of motion of Consciousness Vector in the trimeasured space-time: unfolded, converging and diverging, exponential, asymmetrical, an infinitely closed spiral. (Model-16). Topology of Consciousness' levels. Billions of live and ever lived people of the planet "draws" the line which "almost entirely fills the surface" (31) - a pulsing, broadening, hierarchical sphere, the "Reign of thinking Spirit - Philosphere" (6). (Model-18). A single house for Whose Who is to be born.

As I leave I'll bow to home

Silenteli prey to God

And will wonder looking for land

Where my love lives alone...(65)

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