Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity

Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.
August 10-16, 1998


Congress Organizers

The Twentieth Congress

Throughout the Twentieth Century international or world congresses of philosophy have been convened on average every five years. Until Paris 1937, they were organized by a Permanent Committee for International Philosophy Congresses. Since 1948, they have been sponsored by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP). The final congress of the century comes to Boston from August 10-16, 1998.

The Congress theme, Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity, is a topic that can be addressed creatively by the philosophical traditions of the great world civilizations. The organizers are committed to a congress with the highest standards of philosophic thought, emphasizing the representation and interchange of ideas from the wide range of the world's philosophical traditions and movements.

American Organizers

The American Organizing Committee, Inc. is the executive arm of the Congress and represents the American philosophical associations and societies in the United States that are members of FISP. The AOC Steering Committee consists of representatives from the Steering Committee and American societies of FISP together with the representatives from sponsoring institutions in the Greater Boston Area: Boston College, Boston University, Brown University, the University of Massachusetts (UMass - Amherst) and (UMass - Boston), Suffolk University and Wellesley College.

American Organizing Committee, Inc.

Co-Chairpersons Jaakko Hintikka and Robert Neville
Executive Director Alan Olson
Ex-officio Ernest Sosa
Coordinator Kevin Stoehr
Assoc. Coordinator Mark Gedney
Media Consultant Jeremy Murray-Brown
Administrative Liaison Lynne Smith
Legal Counsel Michael Rosen and Marc Temin
Government Liaison Hon. Kevin White
Administrative Coordinators
Timothy Freiermuth and Georgia Maheras

AOC Steering Committee

John Abbarno (D'Youville)
Joseph Betz (Villanova)
Curtis Carter (Marquette)
Maud Chaplin (Wellesley)
John Clayton (Boston U)
Richard Cobb-Stevens (Boston C)
Lorraine Code (York Univ.)
David Crocker (Maryland)
Edward D'Angelo (Hamden)
Richard DeGeorge (Kansas)
William Desmond (Louvain)
Thérèse-Anne Druart (Catholic U)
Thomas Flynn (Emory)
Nanette Funk (Brooklyn)
Jorge Garcia-Gomez (Belmont)
Donna Giancola (Suffolk)
Charles Griswold, Jr. (Boston U)
Ray Hart (Boston U)
Eric Hoffman (APA)
Christian Kloesel (Indiana)
John Koller (Rensselaer)
Michael Krausz (Bryn Mawr)
James Lawler (Buffalo)
Sander Lee (Keene State)
John Loughney (Westfield State)
Tom Magnell (Drew)
Mary Mahowald (Chicago)
Brian Martine (Alabama)
Gareth Matthews (U Mass)
Linda Lopez McAlister (So. Florida)
William McBride (Purdue)
Mark Migotti (Hamilton)
Martha Nussbaum (Chicago)
Philip Quinn (Notre Dame)
David Rasmussen (Boston C)
Dennis Rohatyn (San Diego)
Sandra Rosenthal (New Orleans)
Anita Silvers (San Fran State)
James Sterba (Notre Dame)
Lynne Tirrell (UMass)
Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (Belmont)

AOC Supporting Staff, Translators, and Contributors

Our many thanks to those who have generally assisted with translations and communications: Bettina Bergo, Klaus Brinkmann, Venant Cauchy, Helena Gourko, Tomoko Iwasawa, Ionna Kuçuradi, Vladislav Lektorsky, Hans Lenk, James Miller, Marcelo Sabates, Ernest Sosa, Kevin Stoehr, Peter Vogt, Joe Waterman, Helmut Wautischer, and Michael Zank.

In addition, thanks are due to Boston University staff members and students who lent their support in various ways: Ray Bouchard, Paul Broderick, Shirley Budden, Ray Chow, Stephanie Corrigan, Carolyn Fahlbeck, Mark Gedney, Bradley Herling, Mary Ann Lesh, Chris Link, Kristin Roberts, Lynne Smith, and Corinne Yee.

We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to Linda Smallbrook and Shirley Anderson and the American Philosophical Association for technical support.


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