The DC Experience

The DC experience is something you will hear a lot if you come to DC. When we talk about it, we are referring to three main topics: working in DC, living in DC, and exploring DC. As a student in the program, we will continue to emphasize this and do what we can to help you. Our goal is for you to leave the program with a solid professional background as well as an appreciation for all that this city has to offer.

Working in DC

Students on the mall

Washington, DC is a city built on connections. Even when you have a job here, it is important to continue to network. By doing this program, you will not only get a great professional experience, you will also get a leg up on other young adults that would like to start their career in DC. As a program we will do everything we can to help you with networking so that if you choose to come back and start a career here as many of our alums do, you will be in a good position to do so. Many of our program’s alums have used their experience to help them get great jobs here.

Living in DC

As a resident of Washington, DC you will be able to take advantage of the many different options this city has to offer. The city is home to magnificent museums, historic cites, unique special events, cuisine of many different cultures, and more shopping than you could ever want. You could do something new each day you were here and not be bored.

Exploring DC

Many people see DC as a one-industry town. We are often looked down upon for what is happening at the Capital but there is much more to the city than that. Like parks? We have over 230,000 acres of parkland. Like music? We’ve got the top music venue in the entire country. Oh, we also have the Kennedy Center, too. Like different cultures? DC has 131 unique neighborhoods, each with their own distinct feel.

From neighborhood farmer’s markets to mom and pop stores, this city has much more to offer than what you may see on a weekend visit. While you are here, we will encourage you to explore the city as much as you can.