Past Events

Meet the Press with Chuck Todd Visit

By now, you have hopefully learned that our program is more than just a place where you study and take an internship. At Boston University Washington DC programs, we are dedicated to giving you a true DC experience. While part of that is interning here, the other part is taking you to different places in the city–some historic, some DC-centric.

Each Friday, we will do a program with you and once or twice a month, the Resident Assistants will plan an event for everyone.

Friday Events

Some examples of our Friday events are:

  • A tour of the White House
  • A tour of the U.S. Capitol
  • A tour of the Pentagon
  • Visiting Arlington National Cemetery
  • Walking around the National Portrait Gallery
  • A visit to the National Gallery of Art
  • A visit to the Kennedy Center
  • A tour of the Central Intelligence Agency
  • A trip to theĀ  Newseum
  • A tour of the Drug Enforcement Agency
  • A trip to the Holocaust Museum
  • A tour of NPR
  • A tour of National Institutes of Health
  • A tour of National Archives
  • The Lincoln Assassination walking tour
  • A visit to National Cathedral
  • A tour of the Supreme Court
  • Volunteering at the DC Central Kitchen
  • A tour of the CIA
  • Halloween walking tour of Lafayette Square
  • Watching Meet the Press in person
  • Visiting the monument and memorials on the national mall, including the Washington Monument, The Lincoln, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, FDR, Vietnam, Korean, and World War II memorials
  • Embassy Visits–recent ones include: Austria, Bahrain, and Israel

Residence Hall Events

Some examples of our Residence Hall events are:

  • Budget Cooking Challenge
  • Ice Skating in the Sculpture Garden
  • Washington Nationals, Wizards, and Capital’s game
  • DC movie series
  • Smoothie night
  • Self-Defense class

For more photos of our events, please click here.

Please note: all events listed above are examples of past events and there is no guarantee they will be duplicated in the future. All events are subject to availability and circumstances.

Nats game