Prospective Students


The students that attend the DC program come here not just for the academic credits, but because they are already looking past the point that they earn their diploma. They are looking towards how to get a career started and how to make sure they have a path set before they graduate. And that is the biggest aspect to what this program offers—a chance to get ahead in your career path.

When students complete our program, we hope they will have left with a good basis to start their career, whether that is in politics, journalism, social work, technology, or another field. We will help students in their career path by offering networking tips and events, resume and cover letter workshops, and help them with preparing for interviews.

Additionally, we hope they will gain a greater appreciation for our nation’s capital and see that there is much more to it than politics. We will take students all over the city to different events, landmarks, institutions, and neighborhoods and encourage them to explore on their own.