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April 17th, 2015

Get in on LinkedIn

By Alyssa Lodge
Spring 2015

The greatest lesson taught in DC is the power of professionalism. From building a network to perfecting a handshake, learning the steps towards a professional career is essential and valuable. DC is the ideal city in which to master these skills based on its production of highly successful politicians, business people, and scholars.

The BUDC program in particular has focused on networking, acquiring the motivation to pursue a career path, getting involved in the DC community, and being conscious of a professional online presence. The latter is the point I’m going to address. On the topic of professionalism, there is no better online social media to talk about than LinkedIn—it can be a powerful tool if you know how to make the most of it.

Here are my LinkedIn recommendations:

Guide to Linkedin

Having an online presence is extremely important for my generation. Especially because I plan on pursuing a career path in communications, it is highly beneficial to enter the field with media skills and is a necessity to succeed. In fact, according to this article on PR Daily, it is one of the seven skills new marketers need to succeed. That is why I take my LinkedIn account very seriously at this point in my journey to a career. Not only do I love browsing articles, looking through job postings to see what is available on the current job market, and seeing what other people are doing to succeed, I feel accomplished every time I can add a new section to my page. It is one of the social media platforms that is not only exciting to update, but is also beneficial for professional development.

Make sure to take these suggestions into consideration when revising your own LinkedIn page and good luck!

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Alyssa is a BU senior in the midst of figuring out a career plan, who loves adventure, Instagram, and everything French.

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