Leave of Absence / Withdrawal Inquiry

We are happy to speak with you about a possible leave of absence or withdrawal.  Student situations vary greatly, and we want to provide the best information as it applies to you, so we appreciate you sharing some details with us via the inquiry form below.  If you haven’t yet scheduled a phone or Zoom appointment with us to discuss your inquiry, please remember to do so— our online scheduler link is found on the “Submitting an official leave or withdrawal request” page.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

This form should be used by non-MET undergraduate students interested in leaves/withdrawals for Fall / Spring as well as by CGS 1st year students interested in leaves/withdrawals for their required Summer 1 / Summer 2 semester.  If you are a graduate student, a non-degree (visiting, guest, non-matriculated) student, or a student enrolled in Metropolitan College (MET), you should discuss your request / arrange your leave/withdrawal through your academic area.   

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(If you aren’t the student, please enter your information when prompted, then as much information as possible about the student. Thank you.)

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Upon successful submission of this form you will be directed to a confirmation / thank you page. Please be patient as submission can take a few moments.