If you’ve spoken with your CGS advisor and determined you may need to arrange a leave of absence for your CGS London or New England summer semester, University Service Center staff will assist you.  (CGS London semester students may also have some additional steps with BU Study Abroad / London program staff.)  We hope the information below is useful as you explore your options and take your next steps.

Arranging a leave of absence with the USC

To arrange a leave of absence for the summer semester, complete the following steps:

Implications of a summer leave

The implications of a summer leave can vary.  Are you arranging this at least a month before your program is scheduled to start, or with less advance notice?  What is prompting your leave and when do you expect to resume studies?  Do you have on-campus housing or financial aid that needs to be canceled?  Is a medical concern involved?  All these details make a difference.
Read through the Q&A below for helpful basics.  Then, jot down any additional questions or concerns and bring these to your phone/Zoom appointment with the University Service Center staff.

If you have questions about other topics relating to your leave of absence, bring those to your appointment with USC staff.