Arranging a Permanent Withdrawal

Undergraduate students who are considering withdrawing (permanently discontinuing their degree studies) are encouraged to meet with staff in the University Service Center. Once a decision to withdraw has been made, you must notify the University promptly, and well in advance of the start of the semester.

For withdrawals effective Fall semester, contact the USC between May 1 and August 1; for withdrawals effective Spring semester, contact the USC between December 1 and 23.

Stop by the USC or make an appointment to discuss withdrawal. If you are not in the Boston area, please call the USC for assistance.

The information below addresses commonly asked questions about the undergraduate withdrawal process. As it is general in nature, you should always discuss your specific situation with an associate director before finalizing a withdrawal.

Academic Advising
Notify your academic advisor of your intention to withdraw. Be sure you have gathered any necessary information about the courses you’ve taken (description, syllabus, etc) to facilitate transferring of credits.

Academic Transcript
The notation “withdrew” will be listed on your transcript for the appropriate semester.

Class Registration
When your withdrawal request is approved and updated, your course registration will be cancelled for the upcoming term and your name removed from class lists.

Financial Implications / Tuition Cancellation Schedule
The published tuition refund schedule provides for the full cancellation of tuition and fees for students who withdraw prior to the first day of the semester. Students considering a Fall 2017 withdrawal should finalize plans and update records with the USC by August 1; if your plans are not definite by August 1, please speak with a USC associate director about best next steps.

International Students / Visa Status
International students on a student visa may not remain in the U.S. following withdrawal. Please discuss your plans with your assigned advisor in the International Students and Scholars Office.

On-campus Housing
Your on-campus housing assignment will be cancelled and the space reassigned. See the information provided by BU Housing at and speak with a USC associate director if you have questions about your specific situation.

Financial Aid
Need-based financial aid, loans, and BU scholarships will be cancelled. For more information, visit BU Financial Assistance. Any award offered by a private donor will be adjusted according to the terms stipulated by the donor.

Student Account/Billing
Allow two to three business days for account adjustments to be reflected in your online invoice; adjustment of financial aid funds may take up to thirty days. If these adjustments result in a credit balance (overpayment) on your account, the credit may be refunded upon your request to

Loan Deferment/Repayment
Student and parent educational loans will go into repayment status when you are no longer enrolled. Information on payment amounts, grace periods, etc., can be obtained from your lender(s); you may also find it useful to browse the links provided at

Health Insurance
For students enrolled in the Boston University Student Medical Insurance Plan for 2017-18: plan year coverage ends on August 14, 2018.

For students enrolled in 2016-17 coverage: the plan year ends on August 22, 2017.

Student Employment/Work Study
Alert your employer that you will not be returning to your position.

Access to Services
Access to BU services (FitRec membership, library borrowing privileges, etc.) ceases upon withdrawal.

BU Email and Student Link Access
Your BU Google Apps account (including email) will remain active for three years after withdrawal. Student Link access is retained. It is your responsibility to remember your BU login and Kerberos password to easily access your Link records.