2017 Symposium Awards


The Symposium abstract booklet cover design was created by Megan Murray (COM ’17).

Outstanding Student Researchers

Based on nominations from their mentors, four students were presented with awards for outstanding summer research—a difficult task, considering the high caliber of work displayed.

Enos, NicoleNicole Enos, ENG Biomedical Engineering ’19
Mentor: Cara Stepp, SAR Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Nicole’s collaborative spirit is very, very remarkable…in addition to being the lynchpin in multiple key lab projects, showcasing her reliability and team-spirit, Nicole also shows incredible independence, drive and ambition…I know of no other undergraduate researcher who so fully encompasses the work ‘outstanding’.”

Rosenthal, AliciaAlicia Rosenthal, CAS English ’18

Mentor: John Paul Riquelme, CAS English

“Alicia made a substantial jump in her knowledge of Oscar Wilde’s writings…to a high level of scholarly research that is normally undertaken by advanced doctoral students and established literary scholars.”

Keara Russell, CAS Psychology ’19Russell, Keara
Mentor: Shannon Sauer-Zavala, CAS Psychological & Brain Studies

Keara just completed her sophomore year at BU, yet she functions at similar levels to my Ph.D students. Most impressive of all has been Keara’s ability to organize her time to meet deadlines from multiple sources, all while moving forward on her independent research.

Scotellaro, JuliaJulia Scotellaro, CAS Neuroscience ’19
Mentor: Camron Bryant, MED Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics

The intrinsic motivation to both continually develop her laboratory skills and to understand the bigger picture of our research has allowed Julia to develop into an exceptional young researcher with a bright future ahead of her.”

Smith, DanielDaniel Smith, CAS Physics ’18
Mentor: Edward Kearns, CAS Physics

Dan has undertaken a variety of tasks and has frequently ‘wowed the crowd’ with an impressive contribution that makes our results better. His work with LArIAT is helping to answer many questions about how this technology will perform…Dan has a bright future ahead of him and I expect him to make us all proud.”

Outstanding Mentor Awards

Beginning in 2014, we invited students to nominate their mentor for an Outstanding Mentor Award. This year, we selected four highly commended mentors to receive this award.

Doerrer, LindaLinda Doerrer, CAS Chemistry
Nominated by: Jacob Henebry, CAS Chemistry ’18, Sydney Lagueux, CAS Chemistry 18′, and Emily Norwine, CAS Chemistry ’18

“She is an expert at creating a positive work-life balance and this in turn makes all of us more productive and more passsionate about our work.” – Sydney

“Professor Doerrer is an excellent mentor and PI. She actively keeps up with our research, meeting with everyone in lab at least once a week in addition to group meetings. She cares immensely about communication in the lab, both to help problem solve and to build a friendly personal environment between labmates.” – Jacob

Henchman, AnnaAnna Henchman, CAS English 
Nominated by: Brett Driben, CAS English ’18

“Prof. Henchman is always on top of communicating expectations and deadlines and is excellent at constructive criticism. I was never in the dark about what I had to do next and what part of my research paper needed improvement.”

Little, ThomasThomas Little, ENG Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nominated by: Shreenidhi Jayaram, ENG Computer Engineering ’19

“Even though I was a newbie to engineering and research, Professor Little and his entire team patiently guided me step by step through everything which allowed me to successfully do this research…Professor Little is an outstanding faculty mentor-resourceful, patient, helpful, creative and attentive.”

Mellott, TiffanyTiffany Mellot, MED Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Nominated by: Ankita Sankar, CAS Biology ’19 and Natasha Holden, CAS Anthropology ’18

“I can confidently say I feel more qualified entering the workforce next year after working in her lab…Tiffany is brilliant, extremely passionate about her work, and very compassionate and understanding.” – Natasha

“I felt as though I was able to learn a lot in such a short amount of time due to her willingness to work with me and assist me when I needed it, as well as her encouragement for me to be independent and learn from my mistakes in the laboratory.” – Ankita