Soft Medical Robotics


Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


The vast world of medicine is in the midst of shifting away from open and invasive surgeries, and toward minimally-invasive procedures. Such a shift has tremendously benefitted patients by decreasing complications and improving outcomes. In the case of the cardiovascular system, surgeons often use long catheters to perform such minimally-invasive procedures. However, this often comes with a catch – catheters can significantly reduce the surgeon’s ability to apply required forces and maneuver with dexterity.

At the Morphable Biorobotics Lab, we are aiming to build a soft, collapsible robot that a surgeon can deploy at the tip of a catheter. The robot will then expand and guide the catheter, restoring a surgeon’s maneuverability and force generation capabilities.

We are looking for a motivated student interested in learning about the fast-growing field of soft robotics to join our team in the Summer of 2022. As part of the “Heart Project,” you will get to learn about the design, fabrication, and control of millimeter-scale soft robots, and their application to life-saving surgical procedures. You don’t need prior experience, just a good attitude and excitement to learn! Current sophomores who can continue to build on their momentum into the Fall semester and beyond would be preferred.

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