Psychology & Anthropology


Volunteer Basis, Potential for Academic Credit


You will assist a psychology professor in internet research to provide background for teaching materials that integrate real-world topics, psychology and anthropology. One assignment being developed is that students will write a short story that foregrounds psychological and anthropological concepts.

What you will do during this internship: Examples of what information needs to be obtained, which you will obtain via library/internet research, are the following.

Is it plausible that a human group could exist where genetic deafness has dominated, and the entire society is deaf? Has this ever happened? Assuming no, then, in a science fiction scenario, what are the genetics or cultural practices that would produce this? Are there implications for understanding deafness in the real world?

Similar question as above, but regarding other neurotypes or neurodivergence. Are there cases where a higher preponderance of autism exists, and how does this affect society?

How will rising sea levels influence loss of cultural variability around the world? For example, loss of island habitats where indigenous people live in traditional societies? You will research how rising sea levels are affecting people in these societies.

What are scholars and activists currently doing regarding how climate change may decrease human variability?

The North Sentinel Islands are a well-known example where a society exists un-touched by the modern world. What others exist? How are they regarded?

You can start by asking ChatGPT these and related questions, and then start your research from there. Help address: does starting with ChatGPT enhance or detract from the quality of the short story written?

You may research existing fiction about how psychological / anthropological are used to move the story forward or to help readers learn about social science topics.

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