Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry


Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


Boston University undergraduates are welcome to apply for research internships in our group. We are working on molecular and cellular mechanisms of obesity and diabetes focusing on metabolic regulation of hematopoiesis and inflammation (Cell Metabolism 14:(3) 378-89, 2011; Cell Metabolism 17: 534-548, 2013). We have experience of mentoring undergraduate researchers and currently we have a few couple of undergraduate students in the lab. You would learn lots of life science related skills and practice what you have learned or going to learn in the classrooms. We would write recommendation letters for your next step of career movement. If you are a motivated person and interested in our researches, you should apply for the internships by sending an e-mail with your CV and your semester schedule to Thanks!

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