Mechanical Engineering


Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


The Morphable Biorobotics Lab (MBL) is an interdisciplinary research group working on soft robotics. We are looking for a highly motivated undergraduate engineering student to assist in the development of a biomimetic cephalopod soft robot for underwater exploration. The student’s primary task will be to investigate possible methods of creating jet propulsion in the robot. This will involve attempting to recreate existing methods found in the state of the art and testing them to help develop an original design.
Interested students should:
• Be interested in developing underwater soft robots
• Be interested in using fabrication methods including silicone molding, 3D printing, and laser cutting
• Be able to read academic papers to follow manufacturing methods and designs
• Have some familiarity with running experiments to collect and interpret data
Interested students should provide a resume, including any prior research experience or relevant internships, if any. Please contact Prof. Ranzani with any questions.

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