Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics


Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


The Morphable Biorobotics Lab (MBL) is an interdisciplinary research group working on soft robotics. We are looking for a highly motivated undergraduate engineering student to assist in the development of novel, magnetically controlled valves for soft robotics applications. The student’s primary task will be to manufacture and test electropermanent magnets, building upon the lab’s prior published output on the topic (see “Modulation of Magnetorheological Fluid Flow in Soft Robots Using Electropermanent Magnets” by McDonald et al.).
Interested students should:
• Be interested in developing new methods for controlling soft robots
• Have the ability to manufacture and assemble small devices
• Be interested in using experimental data to inform design decisions
• Have a basic understanding of electromagnetism
Interested students should provide a resume, including any prior research experience or relevant internships, if any. Please contact Prof. Ranzani with any questions.

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