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Brands, large and small, have engaged marketing campaigns around various socio-political (SP) issues, including race, gender, climate, privacy, etc. The list of SP issues is long and getting longer. In the meantime, there are also increasing reports regarding company execution errors that run encounter of newly evolved norms on socio-political issues:
1. Gillette has been involved with gender (in)equality issues. In Jan 2019, Gillette released the ad “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be,” This clip sparked major negative discussion online and reduced Gillette’s brand value by $8 billion based on P&G’s financial reporting.
2. AT&T has been involved with discrimination issues. In May 2018, Lawsuit claimed AT&T’s absence policies discriminate against pregnant women.
3. Enbridge has been involved with Climate change issues. In June 2018, Enbridge pipelines opponents vowed to stop line replacement at the Wisconsin-Minnesota border.
We refer to such events as “socio-political firm risk events,” defined as negative occurrences that can lead to an unfavorable impact on a company. We are looking for research assistants to collect, classify and analyze news coverage of socio-political firm risk events.

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