Kidney and Medical Engineering Program (BU-KIDMEP)


Independent Funding Available


What is BU-KIDMEP?
This R25-grant supports undergraduate and graduate students to pursue engineering topics relevant to kidney diseases. Participating students will enroll in a summer immersion program ($5,000 stipend; program begins June 3rd, 2024) followed by a semester- or year-long program focused on technology development. Students will also be involved in longitudinal clinical immersion to understand kidney disease from the perspectives of patients and their care providers.

How common is kidney disease?
Approximately 10% of the US population has chronic kidney disease. Kidney failure requiring transplantation or dialysis affects over ½ million Americans and millions more around the world.

What types of projects are supported?
BU-KIDMEP will support any project related to technologies to help patients with kidney failure. This could include diagnostic testing, dialysis technology, medication delivery, or human systems engineering.

Team projects involving students from multiple programs (BME, CE, Biology, Chemistry, etc) are particularly encouraged to apply.

Click here to see video testimonials from former students: Kidney Technology Research | Nephrology (

How do I apply?
Online applications are due on February 2, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Alexandra Jeannot (

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