Infection-Associated Immunology and Lung Inflammation


Volunteer Basis


The Boston University Pulmonary Center, Dr. Bosmann’s Laboratory, grants undergraduate students opportunities to assist in experimental research projects on infection-associated immunology and lung inflammation.

We are especially looking for students with a genuine interest in academic research willing to work part-time for about 1-2 years in our laboratory.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis are life-threatening complications of microbial infections with profound immune system disturbances. ARDS and sepsis represent an enormous problem for health systems worldwide in the current absence of definitive treatment options. Our laboratory is dedicated to obtaining a better mechanistic understanding of the molecular and cellular processes during the development and progression of these inflammatory diseases.

We use transgenic mouse strains, including live mouse surgery and cell cultures. The student will have opportunities to learn immunology laboratory assays such as ELISA and PCR and participate in all laboratory activities.

Please send your CV and transcripts to Dr. Subramaniam; email ID:

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