History & Religion


Potential for UROP Funding


The China Historical Christian Database (chcdatabase.com) is a new tool in the digital humanities that has the power to transform the way scholars see modern Chinese history. It maps where Christians were located in China between 1550 and 1950, and it creates social network maps for Christian leaders (both foreigners and Chinese). These spatial and relational maps make it possible to see when, where, and through whom various ideas, technologies, and practices entered China. And, at the same time, it becomes possible to track how Chinese texts, traditions, and technologies were transferred to the West.

Students involved in this project on modern Sino-Western relations will be engaged in data entry, helping to create a national picture of Christianity in China over a 400 year period. The current sources we are using appear in Latin, French, Spanish, Chinese, and English. If interested, we try to connect a student’s language skills and personal interests with the type of data collection we are working on at the moment.

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