Cancer Biology


Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Work-Study Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


Our research goals are to discover innovative and effective treatments for melanoma by targeting innate pathways that occur during normal melanocyte development and stem cell maintenance. We find that the normal molecular processes that regulate cellular differentiation, homeostasis, growth, and migration of adult and embryonic melanocytes are corrupted during melanoma tumorigenesis, progression, and metastasis. The discovery of these molecular pathways and knowledge on how they function will reveal new targets for future melanoma therapies.

This position is for a laboratory-based bench science opportunity. Scientific projects in the laboratory involve 1) mouse models of melanocyte development, stem cells, and melanoma, 2) large scale genomic analysis involving non-biased screens and phylogenetics, 3) protein interaction studies with candidate factors and non-biased mass spectrometric screens, 4) cell biology and functional assays, 5) molecular biology pathway analysis, and 6) gene transcription and expression studies. This position requires working on site. This position is available as UROP funded, volunteer, or work study. Work study assignments will also include general laboratory upkeep including solution preparation, general molecular biology, and stocking and storing general laboratory supplies. When applying, please indicate that you are applying for the Cancer Biology position.

Cancer Biology

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