Bioinformatics/Cancer Biology


Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding, Potential for Academic Credit


Our research goals are to discover innovative and effective treatments for melanoma by targeting innate pathways that occur during normal melanocyte development and stem cell maintenance. We find that the normal molecular processes that regulate cellular differentiation, homeostasis, growth, and migration of adult and embryonic melanocytes are corrupted during melanoma tumorigenesis, progression, and metastasis. The discovery of these molecular pathways and knowledge on how they function will reveal new targets for future melanoma therapies.

This position is for a bioinformatics-based science opportunity. Examples of projects are: 1) modifying existing methods or creating new methods to quantify cellular tube formation in captured images, 2) data-mining database sets to extrapolate genetic pathways, and 3) generating computational tools to do analysis on DNA sequences that are involved in the regulation of gene expression (enhancer elements and modifier sequences). Are laboratory is well versed in biology and basic bioinformatics and database analysis but we are seeking assistance the computational aspects, such as creating programs for data analysis. Bioinformatics experience is not necessary but some knowledge of coding is required. This position can be mostly or in part remotely performed. This position is available as UROP funded or volunteer. When applying, please indicate that you are applying for the Bioinformatics position.

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