AI Research and Education

AI Research and Education Internship

Duration: 10 weeks, June 6 – August 12, 2022

The BU chapter of AI4ALL, a national nonprofit working to increase diversity and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence, is offering four Research and Education Internships for undergraduates during the summer of 2022.

Undergraduates at BU will spend a total of 10 weeks (June 6-August 12) both researching topics in AI as well as coordinating and implementing AI4ALL@BU, a program that introduces young women in high school to the field of AI. Those selected for the internship will spend the first seven weeks learning about AI, conducting research in AI, and developing hands-on projects for program participants. The internship will culminate during the final three weeks when the interns deliver the AI4ALL program to the high school students.

AI4ALL@BU is a summer program that introduces participants to the ways in which AI can be used for social good. This program will take place July 25th to August 12th M-F from 9:30-3:30. The goal of the program is to expose students to AI and hopefully inspire them to enter the field.  The interns will teach program participants the basics of AI and incorporate their own research projects into the curriculum. Interns also will invite guest speakers and plan field trips.

The coordinators will work with Prof. Kate Saenko, Prof. Sarah Bargal, and other faculty and graduate students in the AI field who will help the coordinators develop a program that gives high school students an opportunity to:

  • gain technical exposure and hands-on practice with AI techniques
  • learn about tools and research skills used in AI
  • connect with role models in AI
  • discuss impact of AI on society, ethics of AI, and social risks and benefits
  • develop a project on some aspect of how AI is used to solve social problems and present it to an audience at the conclusion of program
  • learn about career pathways in AI including R&D, policy, and other disciplines

Applicants should be:

  • an undergraduate CS/ECE major or minor with GPA greater than 3.0;
  • proficient in coding in Python, web programming and other computing languages;
  • available for 10 weeks from June 6th – Aug 12, 2022;
  • enthusiastic about teaching and inspiring the next generation of students to pursue AI
  • familiar with AI concepts and have coursework in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics or Data Science (optional but highly desired).

Stipend will be $5000 for the 10-week internship. To apply, please fill out this application form.

Deadline for applications is April 1, 2022, but they will be reviewed on a continuing basis.


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