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Getting Involved in Research

Research is any scholarly activity that contributes to the production of new knowledge. Getting involved with research as an undergraduate student can help you to further delve into a specific research area, refine your analytical skills, and foster relationships with professors and research collaborators. At Boston University, you can conduct research (i) as a volunteer, (ii) for academic credit through your academic department, or (iii) as a UROP funded researcher. UROP offers students funding in the form of stipends, supplies, and travel for conducting research overseen by a faculty member.

How do I get started?

All research must take place under the guidance of a BU faculty mentor, so your experience starts with finding the appropriate faculty member and the project that best fits your interests.

  • FIND

    a Boston University Faculty Mentor


    a research project designed by you or your mentor


    to apply for UROP funding or contact your major department for credit options


    for UROP research funding if eligible