Why Do Research?

Are you considering a research career? Incubating an idea you want to explore? Planning on grad school? There are as many reasons for pursuing research opportunities as there are student researchers. UROP “graduates” tell us that participants can expect to:

Explore and identify academic and career interests

Not only will you learn the language of a particular discipline, your hands-on work will help you identify what intrigues and challenges you the most.

Apply classroom learning to real-time research

Research is a dynamic, real-time challenge. Translating course-based material to research study requires critical thinking, problem solving skills, creativity, and imagination.

Work closely with a BU faculty mentor

Research expands the academic experience both intellectually and personally. Communication, collaborative effort, and shared goals will help you forge a supportive relationship with your faculty mentor.

Prepare for a career or graduate school

Undergraduate research lets you immerse yourself in your chosen field, resulting in deeper understanding and appreciation of your studies. You can earn academic credit, leverage your experience for senior thesis, and highlight it on your resume.