CRC Departmental Guest Passes

Effective immediately: Guest Passes must first be ORDERED via ISR. Electronic Guest Passes will be mailed to the requestor — each pass a separate email with a unique QR code. Then, before distributing the passes, a RESERVATION must be submitted via email for approval in order to accommodate any special requests. Once use is approved, electronic Guest Passes can then be DISTRIBUTED to guests via email for USE at lots and garages.

Effective September 7th, 2020: Yellow Guest Passes will no longer be accepted at lots and garages.

To ORDER Guest Passes

  • Submit an Internal Service Request (ISR) to “Transportation Services – Guest Passes,” passes are $12 each
  • Within 5 business days of receiving your request, the ISR will be processed and the passes will be emailed to the requestor

Note: each electronic Guest Pass will be sent to you as an individual email, as these passes have unique QR codes (e.g. an order of 50 Guest Passes will result in 50 individual emails, each including a single Guest Pass).

To submit Guest Pass RESERVATIONS

Transportation Services recommends guests be directed to park at the Agganis Arena Garage, 925 Commonwealth Avenue, as we expect heavy employee demand in East and Central Campus parking facilities before 3pm.

  • Submit a reservation request via email to at least 5 business days in advance of your parking need if your guest requires special arrangements or access to an accessible parking space in East or Central Campus.

Be sure to specify:

  • date and time of proposed usage
  • number of spaces needed
  • desired lot or garage

To DISTRIBUTE Guest Passes:

  • Upon receiving reservation approval, the requestor may then email the Guest Pass to the guest.

It is no longer necessary to deliver Guest Passes to parking booths as they are now electronic and booths may no longer be attended in certain locations.

Note: Guest Pass QR codes can only be used once. Forwarding the same guest pass via email to multiple guests will result in all but one guest being denied entry to the specified lot or garage.

To USE Guest Passes:

    • Guests will be required to scan the Guest Pass upon entry and exit in order to raise the parking gates
    • The emailed Guest Pass (specifically, the QR code) can be scanned from either:
      • a printed email or
      • the screen of a mobile device
    • Do NOT push the button for a ticket. Users who take a ticket will have to pay to exit.
    • Scan this QR code at Entry/Exit Kiosk where it says “SCAN BELOW”.
    • If you need help, press “Assistance” button on top right corner of Kiosk.
    • If used from mobile device, be sure background screen is white (not black).
    • Barcode is best scanned at original size – please do not enlarge it.

If a particular lot or garage is not available, Transportation Services will work to provide you and your guest with the next available parking location and make sure the respective Guest Pass and QR code allows for access.