2019 Literary Translation Lecture Recordings

February 1
Paul Raccuglia, Machine Translation: Principles and Peculiarities.

February 8
Jefferson Kline, Crossing the Channel: Translating Merle’s Fortunes de France for an Anglo-Saxon Audience.

February 15
Sholeh Wolpé, Love and Murder on the Translation Express: From Attar to Whitman.

February 22
Pascale Drouet, From Bonnefoy to Kinnel: Translation and Transmission.
Unfortunately, video for this talk is not currently available owing to a technical issue. We hope to update this page with Professor Drouet’s lecture as soon as possible.

March 1
Herbert Golder, “The eye of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not seen”: The metaphora of Cinema

March 22
Robyn Creswell and Iman Mersal, Migrations of the Tongue: A Conversation about Arabic Poetry and Translation

March 29
Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer, Hitting the Refresh Button on Vergil’s Aeneid

April 5
Vyvyane Loh, Breaking the Tongue

April 12
Bill Johnston, Epic Foolishness: Translating Epic Poetry in the 21st Century

April 19
Nick Montfort, Translating Computational Poetry