BU Today

Reaching Out

BU Today’s six-part series “Reaching Out” examines the many ways the Boston University community works to ease the hardships of immigrants and refugees in the Boston area. We go inside a Boston Medical Center clinic that offers traditional and alternative medical care to torture victims from around the world. We explore the efforts of a team offering social and legal services to Haitians who have fled the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. We catch up with Ali Abdullahi (SSW’13), a Somali who is pursuing a master’s in social work designed to help recent immigrants serve their own communities in this country. And we learn about how School of Law students are helping asylum seekers, how multilingual students are being trained in community, medical, and legal interpreting, and how a School of Education program teaches English language literacy skills to entire families. The programs, we find, are as diverse as the people they serve.