Boston University
Photo: Three woman look at a screen depicting data. One, in the chair wears black leggings and a white sweatshirt. The next, an Asian woman, wears a blue shirt and a white button up. The last and closet to the screen, a white woman, wears a pink shirt and leggings.
May 25, 2023
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National Biomechanics Day

Medway High School freshmen Regan Longval (left) and Elizabeth McNeil (right) learn about measuring knee strength using a dynamometer from BU PhD student and research assistant Soyoung Lee (Sargent’24) in Sargent’s Movement & Applied Imaging Lab, May 22. Sargent faculty and local nonprofit Mass STEM Hub gave feedback on biomedical projects submitted by Greater Boston middle and high school students. A group of Medway High students who submitted the winning project were invited to BU for the outreach event, hosted by Sargent, with support from BU’s Graduate Women in Science and Engineering program, in belated recognition of National Biomechanics Day. Photo by Cydney Scott