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In “Decked-Out Dorms,” BU Today’s new series, students show off their stylish and unique dorm rooms and apartments, dish on where they found their bedding and decor, and talk about the trinkets that remind them of home. Is your room worth sharing? Email orourkej@bu.edu.

Name: Geneve Lau (COM’21)

Address: A four-person suite in newly renovated Myles Standish Hall; she shares a double with roommate Chloe Qin (CAS’21)

Short bio: The PR major is a first-generation college student whose family is from Guangzhou, China. She was raised in Boise, Idaho. A College of Communication marketing and digital communication intern, Lau is an undergrad office assistant and a COM ambassador, among her other campus roles.

Fashion credentials: In high school, Lau worked at her local Marshalls, and she says the job taught her a lot about fashion. She shadowed the store’s staging team, learning from them as they dressed mannequins, created displays, and set up endcaps.

Where she finds inspiration: Arriving at BU freshman year, Lau was excited about decorating her room, as she had been in the same bedroom at home for years. She gets decorating ideas from YouTube stars like Danielle Carolan, Kenzie Elizabeth, and Aspyn Ovard. And Pinterest “is a rabbit hole,” she says.

Where she shops: Amazon, Five Below (“the best thing for hidden gems”), Primark, Marshalls, and more. “You have to know how to shop,” she says. “You don’t have to spend a ton of money.”

How much did all of this cost? The shag throw was a $12 find on Amazon, her comforter came from Primark and cost $20, and the throw blankets were maybe $20 each from Marshalls. Find more shopping details when you click on the circles above for close-up photos of the items.

A popular trend she shamelessly follows: Rose gold accessories

Random tips: Invest in good adhesives, like the Command brand hooks, to hang things and not damage your walls. Buy things powered by plugs, not batteries, otherwise you’ll always be replacing them. Fill your room with lamps and smaller lights because the dorms’ overhead lights are “clinical.” Share the microfridge with a roommate to take advantage of precious space.

Amy Laskowski, Senior Writer at Boston University Marketing & Communications editorial department
Amy Laskowski

Amy Laskowski can be reached at amlaskow@bu.edu.

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