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East, West, or South Campus?

Students weigh in on which part of the University they choose to call home

It’s March, which means students planning to live on campus next year are scrambling to complete the room selection process. As any Terrier will tell you, each part of campus has its own advantages and its own fans. Some prefer the convenience of Bay State Road or Warren Towers—closer to classes—but for others it’s West Campuscloser to BU’s athletic facilities and the hustle and bustle of Allston’s nightlife. Then there are those who opt for the quieter life of an apartment off Park Drive in South Campus.

While it’s neither as precarious as the Sorting Hat of Hogwarts nor as monumental as choosing a major, deciding where to live is an important part of college life. So we sent our roving camera out to query students about which part of campus they prefer to call home—and why. See if you agree.

What part of campus is, or was, your favorite? Tell us in the Comment section below.

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One Comment on East, West, or South Campus?

  • Yurika on 03.12.2018 at 4:25 pm

    I loved the community feeling of West Campus but it was definitely a little bit far from campus for me, especially during the winter. It was also hard to separate yourself from the constant “nightlife” feeling you get when you’re so close to Allston. Bay State was very convenient (I could wake up at 7:45 for my 8am class, get ready and still be on time), but because its almost directly on campus, I felt like I was never really leaving “school” and going home. I think South Campus was the perfect balance for me because it was so close to class but still separated enough from school campus. It was also far enough away from the “nightlife” that you weren’t bothered by loud people on the weekends at 3 am, but at the same time if you wanted to go out into Allston, Cambridge, or Downtown you would be in a perfect location right between all three. :)

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