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Cutting-Edge Comedy Courtesy of ImprovBoston

SketchHaus stage offers new show each Thursday


Looking for some of the freshest, most cutting-edge comedy to be found anywhere in New England? You’ll find it tonight and every Thursday in Cambridge at ImprovBoston’s SketchHaus. Each week, the nonprofit comedy theater presents a changing roster of carefully curated teams from the greater Boston area presenting material in development. Audiences are treated to two innovative, often unconventional acts each week: an opening act, followed by a headliner. (A free open sketch night is held the second Thursday of every month.)

This evening’s SketchHaus kicks off with Mosh Pit Memories, “the first heavy metal debate show to grace the ImprovBoston stage.” In this interactive piece from writer and comic Josh Poirier, heavy metal fans and comedians debate a host of topics and riff on their favorite bands. Audiences decide whether a performer’s opinion warrants a toss into the pit.

Headlining tonight are the talented writer/performers behind Voices in Our Heads, who have made a name for themselves at Gorefest, the Riot Theatre, Comicazi, and many other venues. They are marking their first headlining gig at SketchHaus, and it promises to be hilarious, even as it may be the final performance of their infamous Harambe the Gorilla sketch.

Next week’s SketchHaus features a new headlining act, Klondike 327, courtesy of Scott Kremer (Fool Descending a Staircase, Love, Lust, & Romance), preceded by a performance by members of the sketch comedy group Gift Horse, who boast that they try “really hard to be funny but not that hard because it’s not cool to try too hard.”

SketchHaus offers a chance to see talented comedians presenting some of the hippest material you’ll find in the Boston area. Should the show get your creative juices flowing, ImprovBoston offers comedy classes as well as weekly drop-in workshops.

ImprovBoston’s SketchHaus is each Thursday at 9 p.m. at ImprovBoston, 40 Prospect St., Central Square, Cambridge. Purchase tickets ($12, $10 with a student ID) here. Find a schedule of upcoming shows here. Take an MBTA Red Line train to Central Square and walk half a block down Prospect Street.

Connor Lenahan can be reached at lenahan@bu.edu.

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