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Walt Meissner Returns to BU Administrative Team

Honored with retroactive title upgrade, too


Walt Meissner, former dean of the College of Fine Arts, is now an associate vice president. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

Walt Meissner is going home. After stepping down as dean ad interim of the College of Fine Arts this week, he has returned to BU’s leadership group as associate vice president for operations.

“Walt spent his first 12 years at Boston University in administrative positions, demonstrating a keen ability to fill varied roles effectively and with distinction,” says Joseph Mercurio, BU’s executive vice president.

In his new job, Meissner (CFA’81) will work for Gary Nicksa, vice president for operations, on projects that include oversight of the development of the East Campus Student Center. “He will also work closely with Gary on other capital projects,” according to Mercurio, “and will work closely with deans and other administrative units, guiding initiatives to ensure that they’re harmonious with Boston University’s Strategic Plan.”

“I’m looking forward to serving the entire BU student body,” Meissner says, “while continuing to support President Robert Brown’s Strategic Plan and find new ways to make the arts a fundamental element of BU.”

In another nod to Meissner’s service, Provost David Campbell announced that BU’s trustees have retroactively granted him the title dean of the College of Fine Arts for his eight years leading the college. Brown and Campbell had recommended the honor, which Campbell says “recognizes Walt’s outstanding service as dean ad interim of the college and honors his dedication to the faculty, students, and staff of CFA during the past eight years.”

As dean, Meissner was responsible for developing curriculum, attracting faculty members and students, and managing external relations and fundraising for CFA’s three professional schools, theater, visual arts, and music.

“I feel great pride in a number of accomplishments, particularly in the facilities plan, which is already rejuvenating the college,” he says.

Calling Meissner’s service “both critical and exemplary,” Mercurio says that “under Walt’s direction, the $15 million first phase of a comprehensive facility renovation plan was successfully completed, providing state-of-art music practice studios and teaching spaces.”

Before moving to the first of several CFA positions in 1993, Meissner was a special assistant to the senior vice president, in which capacity he worked on financial analysis, property acquisition, and classroom improvements. He later was director of the Office of Analytical Services, precursor to Institutional Research.

Internationally known conductor and arts administrator Benjamin E. Juarez succeeded Meissner as CFA dean August 1.

Rich Barlow can be reached at barlowr@bu.edu.

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